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Amid Flagging Poll Numbers, Biden Tells Dems It Was Us

President Joe Biden pretended that Donald Trump, the former president, did not exist. Instead of expecting a return to bipartisan cooperation that would serve as a political defence to heal the country’s wounds, Biden sought to continue the drama and divisiveness of his predecessor’s tenure.

It hasn’t worked for the president, whose poor support rating threatens to make things even more difficult for Democratic lawmakers fighting to save their seats in Congress in this fall’s midterm elections.

In remarks at the White House, Biden said, “I know you’re dissatisfied” with inflation of nearly 8.5 percent year over year, rising gas prices, and the Washington gridlock. “I understand. It’s in my mouth… “Believe me, I share your displeasure,” Biden remarked, adding that combating inflation is his “top domestic concern”
The president ran through a side-by-side scenario of what would happen if the Democrats kept their slim majority in Congress and what would happen if the Republicans took control, as polling indicated they prefer.

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Popular programmes like Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, according to Rick Scott, leader of Florida’s National Republican Senate Committee, are in jeopardy. According to Scott’s idea, all federal programmes must be renewed every five years.

Without knowing about Biden’s plan or Scott’s memo, for example, 47 percent of people said they trusted Republicans more to deal with inflation, while 38 percent said the same about Democrats. When respondents learned of Scott’s plan, the numbers changed, with Democrats trusting 43 percent of the electorate and Republicans trusting 40 percent.

Biden avoided mentioning Trump by name, instead referring to him as “my predecessor.” However, the current president, who plans to make his presidency a never-ending war between himself and the guy he beat in 2020, claimed that if Trump’s supporters in Congress win this autumn, the country would return to the Trump period.



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