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Azam Khan was released from Sitapur Jail after 27 months, Shivpal Yadav got Azam Khan

Azam Khan, the head of the Samajwadi Party, was welcomed out of Sitapur Jail at 8 a.m. on Friday by his followers and other SP MLAs. His two sons Abdullah and Adeeb, as well as MLAs Ashu Malik and Mohammad Faheem, greeted him.

While granting temporary bail to Khan in the alleged fraud case on Thursday, a bench led by Justice L Nageswara Rao said it was an appropriate situation to utilize his exceptional power under Article 142 of the Constitution because the facts in the case were extremely serious are peculiar.

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BJP spokesperson Rakesh Tripathi responded to Azam Khan’s release by saying that receiving bail does not mean Azam Khan has been acquitted. Azam Khan will be held accountable for his actions. He said that all cases against Azam Khan had been filed on behalf of the victims and the impoverished. On the basis of his power, Azam Khan tortured him. Rakesh Tripathi stated that Azam Khan will undoubtedly face punishment once the trial in the trial court is completed.

Khan, his wife, and their kid appeared in a Rampur court on February 26, 2020, in connection with a case involving the alleged falsification of Abdullah’s birth certificate. Abdullah was charged in 41 cases, while Fatima Tanjan was charged in 32. After complaining of breathlessness while in jail, Azam Khan was sent to Medanta Hospital in Lucknow.

Azam Khan recently refused to meet with Lucknow Samajwadi Party MLA Ravidas Mehrotra. Mehrotra informed reporters that he went to Sitapur to visit Khan on the orders of Akhilesh Yadav, two days after the SP chief’s uncle Shivpal Yadav met Khan inside the jail.

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Azam Khan has been held in Sitapur Jail for the past 27 months, until February 2020, on charges of corruption, land grabbing, and falsifying documents. The Supreme Court granted Azam Khan interim release on Thursday, exercising its discretion under Article 142 of the Constitution. He had now been granted bail in all 88 cases. This made it possible for him to be released. However, he has been granted provisional bail, according to the Supreme Court. Within two weeks, the SP leader will have to make an application for normal bail in a lower court.



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