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Beyond Scared Straight Start Data 24

Ashley tropis was featured on the A and E show around a decade later she was founded in an abandoned house which was informed by the san Bernardino Country sheriff’s Coroner department In a press release.

 she was found dead at age of 24 the show she start aimed to help troubled youth turn their lives around.

According to the report responded by the beauties and Victor villa department that a diseased person was found inside an abandoned house in the 16600 block of victor street on Aug 26.

According to them, she was found in the house and she was suffering from traumatic injuries.

A homicide investigation took place and the authorities suspect Alexis’ calls possibly. They both knew each other and were squatting at home.

On Tuesday Alex appeared in a code and is charged with murder but it is still under suspicion who killed her and how she died.

She was aged 17 when was brought to an Emmy-nominated series to bring her on the right path. Which she willingly joined. Earlier she sold with  And was identified as a gang member.

But in an interview, she spoke that it didn’t change anything for her and said that  “I am still the same person”.



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