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Biden’s extended Summer Recession puts Democrats in Danger

On Tuesday, President Joe Biden travelled to Iowa to explain his administration’s latest effort to reduce the cost of gasoline: lifting a ban on the use of 15% ethanol in fuel during the summer.

Experts say this is a minor step that will reduce the cost of gasoline by a few pennies, as ethanol is cheaper than gas.

And while inflation persists and Russia’s war on Ukraine has added to the uncertainty, there are signs that public sentiment is getting worse, if not better, with an already slim chance for Democrats to hold on to Congress, they say.

The widely viewed University of Michigan Consumer Confidence Survey recently touched its lowest level in nearly 11 years. A survey by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research showed that nearly 70 percent of Americans think the economy is in bad shape, and a poll released by CNBC saw 81 percent see a recession coming this year. Is. Gallup found the share of Americans citing inflation as the top issue now at its highest level since the 1980s.

The most obvious example right now comes from Virginia, where Terry McAuliffe, the Democratic former governor now seeking to secure the job, has openly stated that Biden’s problems pitted the Republican, Glenn Youngkin, a wealthy businessman with his opportunities. which have been supported by the former. President Trump.

Biden won Virginia last year by just over 10 percentage points, but recent polls have shown a tight race for governor.

“When a working mom, like mine growing up, is forced to make the impossible choice of putting another gallon in the tank or buying what she needs to feed her family, she seeks leadership, finger Rick Scott, who heads the Republican re-election effort in the Senate, said in a statement Wednesday.

“I hear it every week from families in my state,” said the junior senator from Florida. “Floridians are sick and tired of seeing the blame-game-Biden duck responsibility for the crisis they have created.”

“This week’s CPI and PPI reports prove that Biden’s reckless tax-and-spending agenda has been a catastrophic failure,” Scott said, citing the March Consumer Price and Producer Price Index reports. “The president can lay the blame however he wants, but he can’t hide from the truth and Florida’s families don’t believe his lies.”



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