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China’s Threats will only Increase Support for the Island

China’s military threats against Taiwan will only increase support for the island from the United States and other democracies, the State Department said, adding that China held drills nearby as US lawmakers visited Taipei.

Beijing blamed lawmakers, including the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Bob Menendez, who escalated tensions with his “provocative” visit. China claims to rule Taiwan democratically.

In a statement late Friday, Taiwan’s foreign ministry condemned China’s “obstinate and ridiculous” response to a two-way visit by a group of US lawmakers this year.

“The threat of force against Taiwan by the totalitarian government of the Communist Party of China will only strengthen the will of the Taiwanese people to defend freedom and democracy, and the United States and even more democratic partners of democratic Taiwan.” will attract support for it,” it said.

The US government took steps to associate it more strongly with the ROC government in Taiwan. In 1954, the United States led the creation of the Southeast Asia Treaty Organization, designed to unite the region against the perceived communist threat. In addition, US officials openly debated the possibility of signing a mutual defence treaty with Chiang Kai-shek.

The PRC saw these developments as threats to its national security and regional leadership. In the interest of consolidating its strategic position in the Taiwan Strait, the PRC began bombing Jinmen in September 1954, and soon expanded its targets to include Mazu and the Dachen Islands.



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