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Everything You Didn’t Know About The Met Gala 2022  That Will Blow Your Mind

It’s time to dust off your glass slippers and head to the ball, because the Met Gala 2022 theme and dress code have been revealed, and this is one show you won’t want to miss.

Vogue and the Metropolitan Museum of Art announced in March that the Met Gala would return eight months after the first edition in 2021, with a broader theme of “In America.”

The 2022 Met Gala will feature the theme “In America: An Anthology of Fashion,” which the New York Times has characterized as “Guilded Glamour,” and will take place on the first Monday in May, as is customary.

In America: An Anthology of Fashion, the subject for the 2022 Met Gala, is based on the foundations of American style and honors unsung champions of American design.

Despite the fact that it will have been only eight months since Kim Kardashian ascended the Met stairs in her Balenciaga mask, the event will return to its customary first Monday in May schedule after two years of COVID turmoil.

When will the Met Gala be held in 2022?

The Met Gala 2022 will take place in New York City on Monday, May 2nd. It marks the conclusion of the second section of a two-part Costume Institute exhibition. The first, titled In America: A Lexicon of Fashion, debuted in September.

Who will attend the Met Gala in 2022?

Wintour took over as director of the Met Gala in 1995. Each member on the gala’s guest list has been approved by Vogue’s editor-in-chief. According to the New York Times, the 2019 event drew around 550 participants.

Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Megan Fox, and others were among the many celebrities that attended last year.

The guest list for the 2022 event has yet to be confirmed, but we do know that Zendaya will not be in attendance this year. “(Making) some movies,” the “Euphoria” star stated, but she assured she’d be “return someday.”

When does the red carpet for the Met Gala 2022 begin?

The 2022 Met Gala live stream will start at 6 p.m. EST, which is half an hour later than last year’s. The stream began around 5:30 p.m. EST in 2021, and guests (including Rihanna) arrived until well into the night, so expect something similar this year.

Who will host the Met Gala red carpet broadcast in 2022?

The live broadcast of the 2022 Met Gala will be hosted by Vanessa Hudgens and La La Anthony. The revelation was first reported by Vogue on April 20. Hamish Bowles, the editor-at-large of Vogue, will join them. You can expect interviews, interactions, and entertaining moments from the three, just as you did with Keke Palmer and Ilana Glazer last year.

What kind of looks can we expect?

Expect a diverse variety of American talent to be featured, including Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs, and Prabal Gurung, in keeping with the theme. Take a look back at the top looks from the last ten years.

When is the Met Gala 2021 going to be held?

The Costume Institute announced a two-part version for 2021 and 2022 after the 2020 Met Gala was canceled due to the pandemic. On September 18, the first exhibition,

In America: A Lexicon of Fashion, debuted, while the 2021 Met Gala, co-chaired by Timothée Chalamet, Billie Eilish, Amanda Gorman, and Naomi Osaka, took place five days earlier on September 13.

What is the best way for me to watch the Met Gala?

The Met Gala is famed for its exclusivity: according to the New York Times, tickets for the invitation-only event cost $30,000 each.

It is, however, simple to live-stream the event. Starting at 6 p.m. E.T., Vogue will webcast the event across its digital channels (including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter).

Vanessa Hudgens, La La Anthony, and Vogue editor-at-large Hamish Bowles will guide viewers through the red carpet’s haute couture designs.

In 2022, who will be the host of the Met Gala?

Regina King, Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, and Lin-Manuel Miranda will co-chair the Met Gala in 2022. Anna Wintour, Tom Ford, and Adam Mosseri are all members of the board of advisors.

Anna Wintour has been a co-chair for how long?

Since 1995, Anna Wintour has served as co-chair. Anna Wintour, the editor-in-chief of Vogue, has been in charge of the enormous event for 22 years (excluding 1996 and 1998).

Past co-chairs have included everyone from prominent celebrities like Beyoncé and Jennifer Lawrence to fashion designers like Marc Jacobs and Karl Lagerfeld.

There’s something fascinating about the met gala.

Do you think you know everything there is to know about the Met Gala? Reconsider your position. There’s a lot more to the evening than lovely gowns and famous group selfies.

You can peruse Instagram the night before and regularly refresh Twitter for amusing gifs and outfit credits, but there’s a lot more to the event than pretty dresses and iconic group photos.

From the red carpet start time to the several options to stream the Met Gala live, we answered the most frequently asked questions regarding the year’s greatest fashion event.

Not to mention the famous Met Gala theme and accompanying museum exhibition. The following are 20 things you should know about the Met Gala.

What will be the themes of the Met Gala in 2022?

“Gilded Glamour,” in two words. The Met Gala’s costumes will be inspired by the Gilded Age in American history, the turn-of-the-century era recently examined in HBO Max’s “The Gilded Age.” Consider the word opulence.

The Gilded Age’s resurgence is “not a coincidence,” according to Amy Fine Collins, Air Mail’s editor-at-large. “This idea of something massive, almost fantastic, inconceivable. At the time, wealth was both a fantasy and a reality, as it is now,” Collins tells TODAY.

Collins discusses how she thinks the Gilded Age will be addressed in fashion.

“I don’t expect people to show up dressed in period garb, but there will most likely be some references.” There’s no reason why you shouldn’t go all out.



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