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Jackie Robinson’s Legacy lives on 75th Anniversary After Breaking Down Barriers

Los Angeles Dodgers players, in full uniform, walked together through the centre-field gate Friday afternoon, gathered around the statue of Jackie Robinson, listened to a 20-minute passionate speech, and took photographs. They quickly went back to the clubhouse, took off their uniforms, and began preparing for their game against the Cincinnati Reds.

Game 1 of the 1955 World Series depicts his father’s iconic slide first under the tag of Yogi Bera. The triumphant image requires little explanation, which reminds him of Jackie’s captivating brilliance on the baseball field. It is intertwined with another, another unusual handling of an opposing player’s home run. The latter image reminds David of his father’s perseverance and perseverance, even in the tiniest of chances.

The team will host a special pregame ceremony on the field with 75 special guests, including 42 scholars from the Jackie Robinson Foundation and 43 students from Pasadena’s John Muir High School, which was attended by Jackie Robinson.

On Friday morning, Dodger pitcher David Price joined members of the Robinson family at Longfellow Elementary School in Pasadena, along with former Dodger Curtis Granderson and several local and state officials, to launch the Jackie Robinson Reading Series.

“Jackie was all about looking out and looking forward,” said Roberts, who became the second Black manager to win a World Series in 2020. “So appreciating how far we’ve come is certainly fair, but more important is where we need to go. That’s what inspires and challenges all of us to keep getting better and make a difference.” … what Jackie did was incredible, but we have to keep going.”

He talked for a few minutes. Turner pointed to his white uniform, with the Dodgers in front and the number 42 in the back, and told Robinson what it meant to him personally.

“When you wear this jersey there’s a lot of responsibility, a lot of responsibility,” Turner told him, “there’s an opportunity to do something special.”

As Turner started walking, he asked Robinson if he wanted to come in and play third base in the game.

“Well, if you’re not trying to win,” Robinson, 70, said with a laugh.



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