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Kendal Jenner New Post Promoting Number 8


  • Famous American Model Kendal Jenner promotional post.
  • Kendal is promoting the new tequila brand 8.

Kendal Jenner is being quite very active on social media in this recent days. She is promoting the luxurious brand of tequila. In her last post, she was looking amazing in her beach look with the bottle of tequila on one side.

She is the face of the new tequila brand drink818. She made three recent new posts. l with is about the new product launched by the company.

She looks as sparkling as always when she is posing with equipment with looks like number 8. The product is the new vessel that can be used for the consumption of tequila made by the company.

In her post, she also wrote a caption that showed her happiness in launching the new product. The product will be launched on 19 September and will be available on



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