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The origins of Christianity’s Belief in Heaven, Hell, and the Immortal Soul

Hundreds of millions of Christians believe that on Easter, Jesus rose from the grave and was carried to heaven to live with God. They also think that their souls will travel to paradise when they die. The great irony is that this is not at all what Jesus thought.

It may seem remarkable, but no Bible speaker emphasises hell as the ultimate consequence of God’s condemnation judgement more than Jesus. The great theologian of hell was God’s Son.

That was regarded to be true of all of us by ancient Jews. Our breath doesn’t go somewhere when we cease breathing. It simply comes to a halt. Similarly, the “soul” does not exist outside of the body and is not vulnerable to postmortem pleasure or pain.

It’s time for some FRESH AIR. Terry Gross here. We didn’t anticipate how strangely relevant the interview we were about to hear would be when we booked it. Let’s face it: the pandemic has brought death to a level that most of us aren’t accustomed to. How you deal with your concerns and anxieties may be influenced by your ideas about what happens after death or if anything happens at all.

My guest Bart Ehrman discusses the origins of the concepts of heaven and hell in his latest book, “Heaven And Hell: A History Of The Afterlife.” He looks at the Hebrew Bible, the New Testament, as well as Greek and Roman sources.

“Jesus speaks more about hell than he does about heaven, and he paints a more vivid picture of it. It’s impossible to dispute that Jesus was aware of, believed in, and warned about the undeniable reality of hell.”

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‘God is shortly to interfere in earthly events to destroy everything and everyone who opposes him and to usher in a new kingdom for his faithful believers, a Kingdom of God, a paradise on earth,’ argues Professor Ehrman in his article. Most importantly, this new earthly kingdom will come to those who are alive at the moment, as well as those who have passed away. Indeed, God will infuse life into the dead, bringing them back to this world.’

When Jesus says that the new earthly kingdom will come not only for the living at that time, but also for those who have died, he means that when God sends a prophet, the spiritually dead wake up after hearing his message. Will get up Paul explains



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