Harvey has a tremendous ability of public speaking with a genuine and humble attitude towards his audience

He has hosted many famous tv shows like the steve harvey show , the family feud etc.

The audience always love to watch his shows and this all because of his sweet and polite behaviour towards the audience.

But there is one thing that makes Harvey different from other tv hosts.

And that is the Harvey’s dressing style , his outfits that he wears for his talk shows or any other tv shows

Elly Karamoh , the designer behind Steve Harvey’s dashing look , Elly always try to make Steve look as a more confident person

Elly , the designer is a fashion Influencer , and has grown up in Paris and designs the best possible outfits for Steve.

As we all know that Steve personality is all about his confidence , but the outfit that he wears make him look more confident

Steve is also one of the best motivational speaker for the people