Le Bron is a very famous NBA player and has became billionaire in the age of 37.

He owns many luxurious items. His net worth is 1billion USD.

List of some of the luxurious items he owns are his single suit along with watch purse and other accessories worth $78000

He owns Nike 24karat gold shoes with diamonds on the lace and made up or crocodile skin cost around $100,000.

He owns numbers of designer watch with the total collection of $1.2million.

His car collection which cost around 6.5 million and the charity which he owns name “I promise” worth around $8million+.

The investment of $1million in Blaze pizza now turned out to $35million.

He has also invested in soccer and baseball team which makes his huge sum of $150 million.

These are the 8luxurious items owned by the billionaire Lebron James.