Stephen curry is one of the most valuable players in NBA plays for “Golden State Warriors”

The player has been awarded many successful awards by the NBA

And his earnings are really tremendous if we talk about his bank balance and earnings you will be shocked to know

Stephen curry is leaving everyone behind with this growing Networth which is around 170 million dollar

But today we will discuss his earnings and the salary which he gets from NBA

And the player is contracted with the golden state for your year already

In the amount of $215,353,664, this contract will start from 2022 to 2026

And Stephen has to play for Golden State Warriors for this time period

Contact will provide a huge amount to Steph curry which will be surely $215,353,664.

As Stephen curry has become the highest salary paid player in the NBA his salary will be around $48,070,014 for the years 2022 to 23