The very famous tv host Steve Harvey , very well known personality in United states of America.

Whatever Harvey talks about , or the statements or advice which he gives , everything is being measured by the audiences

And that becomes controversial for Harvey and he does have to face it.

So , we gonna talk about the real and unreal controversies about Steve Harvey

After the president “Barak Obama” was criticized , Harvey said Unvle Thomas to cornel west and Tavis Smiley on his radio in 2011.

Steve Harvey cracked a joke on Asian American in 2017 , which became a big controversial for the people

Harvey was very much critized for the joke he cracked , and because of this he had to apologize to the asian American community.

And that was the time when a person insulted Cleveland Cavalier after big loss to golden state warriors.

And the caller was told to go get a glass of water.