Everyone in American Got Talent was stunned when a contestant came who surprised everyone from the judges to the audience.

We are talking about the task performed in American Got Talent, in fact the theme of Show Me was kept which was named as Auzzy Blood's audition.

In which the contestants were acting with sharp weapons, a participant came in this audition.

The one who gave a great performance asked Howie Mandel to come on stage and put a sword brought by the contestant in his mouth

Hearing this, all the fellow judges and audience were astonished, they even forbade Howie Mandel to do so.

But he still performed it and went on stage and did what the contestant said

And then Howie Mandel put the sword brought by the contestant on his tongue and slowly started pushing in

In the end, the sword went completely inside, how Howie was also very scared and everyone was shouting

Then the contestant said that you take it out and take out...

that sword in the dominant circle and take a large breath, it was really dangerous stunt.